Universal Tablet Gooseneck Desk Clamp




Product Include
(US-5116CF) Universal Tablet Gooseneck Desk Clamp x1
[Gooseneck Arm Extends 35cm]

(5001-U) Universal spring bracket fits most 7.9”~13” tablets x1
[Extention 19.5~24.2 cm]

(7001-U) Universal spring bracket fits most 5.1"~7.1" tablets x1
[Extention 13.2~18 cm]

> Gooseneck arm extends 35cm
> Gooseneck length 50mm
> Clamp thickness up to 6cm
> 360º rotatable screen (rotates vertically and horizontally)
> Clamp-on table (C-Clamp)
> Table thickness should not exceed 5 cm
> Easy to install, just clamp to the table.

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