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sit healthy with chairs designed according to ERGONOMIC principles
Usually we sit and work for about 8 hours/day. 1 day has 24 hours We sit at work up to 1/3 each day.
So don't be complacent about sitting down because the latter is a long-term issue and it's important to your health. Invest in your health today.

special features
> Support weight 120 kg
> imported from Korea
> Extra thick back cushion with BAV System to help ventilate when sitting is not hot suitable for hot countries
> The backrest has a Lumbar Protection Support system that helps support the concave part of the waist and back to attach to the chair.
> Double back system, which makes sitting comfortable without back pain (Dual-back support -Ergonomic Signature)

> Backrest flexible tilt tension adjustment
> Adjustable height of the neck support (Headrest height adjustment)
> Adjustable headrest angle adjustment
> Can adjust the low height of the chair (Seat height adjustment)

> backrest Made from good Korean fabric.
> Cushion made from good Korean fabric

size and weight
> W660 x D660 x H1130/1250 mm.
> 16.0 kg.

Office chair for health (Ergonomic chair) Office Intrend, a chair that does not cause back pain. From Korea, 1 year warranty, please be careful of imitations.
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