Slim CPU Holder

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CPU Holder (Slim and Track mount type) is designed by universal and slim types and the MAX loading could be 25Kgs (55labs) and 12Kgs (26labs). This series offers the convenience of various usages like to have a track provides CPU in / out adjustment. To store your CPU below work surface to protect against dust and save workspace. A anti-theft kit can be installed for option.

• Silm and Track mount version.
• Max. loading 12 Kgs (26 labs).
• Sliding and 360° rotation.
• Adjustable for height & width.
• Sturdy steel construction.
• Volume Range:
(a) H: 9.8" ~ 18.5" (25 ~ 47cm).
(b) W: 1.2" ~ 8.7" (3 ~ 22cm).
(c) D: 7.9" ~ 18.9" (20 ~ 48cm).

Made in Taiwan, ROC

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