Sit 2 Stand GEN 2-S


Adjustable Electric Desk


 Sit 2 Stand-Gen2 Healthy Living Table
 White table legs made of strong steel.
 3-piece legs with adjustable up and down.
 Has anti-collision function. When the table collides,
the barrier between the up-down. Table legs are slightly lowered / raised slightly. For safety
 The table height can be adjusted from 60-125 cm.
  The legs can be adjusted from 105.6-185.0 cm.
  Supports table width of 70-90 cm, length from 150-200 cm.
 Available with 110V / 230V power. European Style plugs.
 Weight : 45.2 kg

 Table TOP Specification 
  TOP material: PB table top with 2 colors
  Table top Size: 70 x 120 cm
 Available with 110V / 230V power. European Style plugs.
*Selection Color

 Steel (3 Year)
  Metal Leg (3 Year)
 Electric motor (2 Year)

Ergotrend adult-sized children's desk chair is designed to be adapted to fit your baby's needs. Ergonomics is based on safety. Easy to use and important to long-term health. To prevent health problems and bad personality from sitting wrong. Equipped with various functions and innovations. That makes it easier to work on a daily basis.
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