Foot Rest Innovative

Brand : AIDATA


Make an effort to determine your correct height. Ensure that your feet are supported at a height suitable to your position in the chair when you are sitting upright. You should be able to rest your feet on the footrest without tilting the chair forward or having to stretch for the footrest. Alternatively, it should not be too high as this can which can lift the thighs off the seatpan of the chair.

Wide Range of Height Adjustment: The wide range of vertical adjustment offered by the Innovative Footrest makes it well-suited for most users, even shorter individuals.
• Non-Locking, Tilting Platform: Encourages movement at the ankles and promotes circulation throughout the work day.
• Large Platform: The large 18" x 13.5" surface on the Innovative Foot Rest provides sufficient surface for larger feet.
• Sturdy high-impact plastic material
• Ergonomic design reduces muscle strain and pressure
• Platform Dimensions: (WxD) 46 x 34 cm.
• Platform Surface Dimensions: (WxD) 41 x27 cm
• Platform Height Settings: 9, 11.4, 14 cm
• Platform Tilt Range (at all heights): ±15°
• Height adjusts from 90~140 cm and free angle adjustment
• Rubber-padded backing prevents footrest from sliding
• Brand : AIDATA
• Warranty : 1 Year


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