Wrist Rest & Mouse Pad


• Excellent surface for smooth and precise mouse tracking
• High quality smooth and soft skin covering
• No-slip base firmly grips the desktop
• Keeps wrists in comfortable position
• The surface is waterproof and anti-fouling, easy to clean
(Easy to wipe off dirt with water, detergent or alcohol, always clean)

• Height adjustable up to 410mm/16” rotates 360º and extends 610mm/24’’ 
• Lifts telephone off the desk for easier access and space saving
• Height adjustable up to 410mm and extends 610mm
• Platform surface 200 x 240mm
• Built-in adjustable spring clip fits most phones
• Bottom PU rubber non-slip material design
• Comfortable and dirt-resistant leather surface material
• Material : Non-skid PU Rubber
• Dimension : 18 x 23 x 2.5 cm

• Warranty : 1 Year

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