Offix app detect wrong sitting positions Prevent back pain

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Developing the Offix app with AI technology to detect wrong sitting positions Prevent back pain from shelf to store.

In the life of an office worker, it is inevitable that one must sit and work in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day. Causes pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Statistics from the Department of Health The Ministry of Public Health states that 60% of "working age people" have office syndrome.

The latest in the Digital Youth Network Thailand competition under the HACKA THAILAND 2023 event organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Midnightdev Extended team, first-year students in the Computer Engineering and Digital Technology Program (CEDT), Faculty of Engineering. Chulalongkorn University consists of Mr. Thanakrit Saipan, Mr. Supachoke Butdeekan, Mr. Nonthapat Wongkanha, Mr. Ratchanon Mukkaew, Mr. Thebodin Jai-insom and Mr. Tassaphon Sawadee.Has invented artificial intelligence innovation (AI) to detect incorrect sitting postures and perform physical exercises to prevent office syndrome under the name Offix, able to answer real usage needs. until it pleased the committee Until winning first place from the competition
by Offix is ​​an application that is installed in front of the computer's desktop When the user activates The application will also monitor the user's sitting position through the camera. To see the user's sitting style to see if they are sitting in the correct position or not. To collect data and notify you about adjusting your sitting position It also has a feature for taking you to do exercise. Which if you complete it, you will be able to receive rewards. and exchanged for parts Discounts on various products and services that also works with the app by using AI to detect incorrect sitting postures
The system will collect data and teach AI to learn the correct sitting angle according to physical principles. From medical information entered into the system which if the user sits in the wrong position that results in back pain There will be an immediate notification. This work is therefore prevention before office syndrome occurs. This helps prevent back pain.
After this there will be cooperation with medical experts. To develop the Offix app to have more accurate and accurate sitting posture detection. Including developing the system to be able to support future expansion. It is expected that it will take no less than 6 months and a team with marketing expertise will be hired to plan commercial services.

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