3 important things to know before buying a Monitor Arm.

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Buying a Monitor Arm can be confusing, when there are so many types of Monitor Arm and Monitors out there. So here are the 3 key things to know before buying a one.


1. VESA Mounting  

To use a Monitor Arm, the monitor MUST have a VESA Mount. What is a VESA Mount? It is a standardized mounting format for most monitors and televisions. VESA Mount formats for monitors are usually either (100mm x 100mm) or (75mm x 75mm).

Retailers tend to sell monitors without VESA Mounts at a slightly cheaper price, so do check before buying!

2. Screen Size  

These days monitors are getting larger and wider, making it difficult to find a suitable monitor arm. There are even 49 inch ultra-wide monitors available! Hence it is important to know how wide your monitor is, BUT only necessary if you intend to use 2 or more monitors together on a single monitor arm.

If you are unable to find out the screen size, the width of the monitor is sufficient.

3. Monitor Weight  

Naturally as monitors get larger, their weight increases too. Therefore it is important to know how heavy it the monitor is. If you are using 2 or more monitors, be sure to check the weight each individual arm is capable of supporting. A monitor arm that holds 6 monitors will not be able to support the same weight on each arm as one that holds 4 monitors.

Our Ergomotive Monitor Arms can generally hold up to 14KG for a single monitor and 45KG for six monitors.

If you are still facing any difficulty, feel free to contact us as we would love to help you find the most suitable arm for your workplace or home office. With infinitearm, you are able to customize the monitor arm to your specific needs. Head over to Ergomotive Arm to get your own monitor arm now!

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