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Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm (45-241-026)

Code: 000260
Regular Price: 12,500.00 THB
(Ref. 416.67 USD)

Special Price: 10,700.00 THB
(Ref. 356.67 USD)
LX Desk Mount LCD ArmDurable polished aluminum construction! Tested to perform 10 times the expected life-cycle of other competitive brands at roughly half the price.Sleek and streamlined,
World Travel Adapter3 (2500W) with grounded plugs

Code: 000292
Regular Price: 1,790.00 THB
(Ref. 59.67 USD)

Special Price: 1,490.00 THB
(Ref. 49.67 USD)
World Travel Adapter 2 with USB Charger (1300W)The SKROSS World Travel Adapter 3 - awarded for the product of the year 2010 and reddot design award 2010 - is a revolutionary adapter that is su
Availability : Out of Stock
AIDATA Deluxe Phone Station (PS-1002G)

Code: 000739
Regular Price: 1,690.00 THB
(Ref. 56.33 USD)

Special Price: 1,190.00 THB
(Ref. 39.67 USD)
แท่นวางโทรศัพท์รูปทรงทันสมัย สามารถปรับฐานเอียงได้ 5 ระดับ ขนาดฐานรองโทรศัพท์
AIDATA- Cable Tube (CM07)

Code: 000810
Regular Price: 429.00 THB
(Ref. 14.30 USD)

Special Price: 329.00 THB
(Ref. 10.97 USD)
Flexible and durable polypropylene tube 1970mm
Ergotron - LX Dual Stacking Arm

Code: 000261
Price 25,500.00 THB (Ref. 850.00 USD)
LX Dual Stacking Arm, Durable polished aluminum construction
AIDATA PCCART - mobile computer desk (PCC004P)

Code: 000461
Regular Price: 8,150.00 THB
(Ref. 271.67 USD)

Special Price: 7,900.00 THB
(Ref. 263.33 USD)
Adjustable Mobile Computer Desk

Code: 000819
Regular Price: 695.00 THB
(Ref. 23.17 USD)

Special Price: 590.00 THB
(Ref. 19.67 USD)
A soft and smooth wrist rest for conventional rectangular-shaped keyboards.
USB Classic Pen (BA-02) - product by order

Code: 000182
USB Classic PenA light-weighted and compact pen.Capacities: Colors: Dimension:
Aluminum Electric Adjustable Desk (DWS-4)

Code: 000781
Regular Price: 32,000.00 THB
(Ref. 1,066.67 USD)

Special Price: 29,900.00 THB
(Ref. 996.67 USD)
You can adjust the height of the table top electrically from 63cm to 129cm to ensure an ergonomic working position. TableTop: 100x70cm
AIDATA Metal Mobile CPU Stand (CS001E) white color

Code: 000263
Regular Price: 1,100.00 THB
(Ref. 36.67 USD)

Special Price: 950.00 THB
(Ref. 31.67 USD)
METAL MOBILE CPU STAND (CS001E) FEATURES:• Sturdy metal made CPU holder, width adjustable from 132mm/5.25˝ to 220mm/8.6˝• Four swivel casters with 2 built-in brakes
Adjustable Arm holder (FC200)

Code: 000350
Regular Price: 5,500.00 THB
(Ref. 183.33 USD)

Special Price: 3,900.00 THB
(Ref. 130.00 USD)
Adjustable Swiveling Arm Holder for mouse pad and 360-degree swivel for Arm holder, 2 sections for up&down and left&right
AIDATA Desk Clamp Keyboard Tray (KB-1010)

Code: 000811
Price 1,590.00 THB (Ref. 53.00 USD)
- Keyboard Tray Under Desk<br><br><br> - Desk Clapm Type<br><br><br> - Metal clamp fits onto desks up tp 4 cm.
Availability : Out of Stock
USB Card Reader Pen - Product by order

Code: 000187
USB Card Reader Pen: Integrates USB drive and card reader into a ballpoint pen Supports SD/MMC-cardCapacities: Dimensions: Weig
USB Laser  Light Pen - Product By Order

Code: 000228
USB Laser & Light PenUSB drive combined with laser pointer and bright LED flashlight into a ballpoint penBuilt-in rechargeable battery
Laser Pointer Pen - Product By Order

Code: 000188
USB Laser Pointer PenIntegrates USB drive and laser pointer technologies intoa ballpoint pen Built-in rechargeable battery Capacitie
AIDATA Tablet/Laptop Riser - NS011BG

Code: 000809
Regular Price: 430.00 THB
(Ref. 14.33 USD)

Special Price: 390.00 THB
(Ref. 13.00 USD)
Tablet/ Laptop Riser elevates your device at 6 different viewing angles up to 40 degrees to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic usage position
Aluminum Monitor Stand (AW40113G)

Code: 000813
Regular Price: 2,790.00 THB
(Ref. 93.00 USD)

Special Price: 2,590.00 THB
(Ref. 86.33 USD)
A slim and ergonomic monitor stand
AIDATA Cozy Footrest - FR1001G

Code: 000732
Regular Price: 1,290.00 THB
(Ref. 43.00 USD)

Special Price: 1,190.00 THB
(Ref. 39.67 USD)
AIDATA Cozy Footrest - FR1001G
World Adapter Pro with USB (2500watt)

Code: 000553
Price 1,400.00 THB (Ref. 46.67 USD)
World Adapter Pro with USB (2500watt)

Code: 000251
Regular Price: 490.00 THB
(Ref. 16.33 USD)

Special Price: 390.00 THB
(Ref. 13.00 USD)
3in1 Book Holder -- design for using as a book stand, a document copy holder, and a photo frame
DM16-1004-3 Tablet Management Desktop 16, with ISI

Code: 000756
Price 103,000.00 THB (Ref. 3,433.33 USD)
cabled for Lightning iPad<br> Fully assembled with Lightning cables installed

Code: 000220
Price 380.00 THB (Ref. 12.67 USD)
Adjustable viewing angles & clip for different paper sizes, come up with built-in pen holder and front page clip.
Sit-Stand Wall Mount Workstation Combo System  ORW10

Code: 000729
Regular Price: 19,000.00 THB
(Ref. 633.33 USD)

Special Price: 16,500.00 THB
(Ref. 550.00 USD)
provides height adjust on keyboard and single display as an ideal wall mounting solution. for 15-24 inch
AIDATA Tablet Wall Mount US-5111L

Code: 000791
Regular Price: 750.00 THB
(Ref. 25.00 USD)

Special Price: 690.00 THB
(Ref. 23.00 USD)
For all ipad model, iPad Pro, Tablet 7-13 inch, Bracket included and detachable from Mount

Code: 000146
Regular Price: 2,350.00 THB
(Ref. 78.33 USD)

Special Price: 1,800.00 THB
(Ref. 60.00 USD)
Stable base with swivel display panels offer fast access to the documents & Rotates 360°
Logitech Wireless Combo MK520

Code: 000369
Price 2,300.00 THB (Ref. 76.67 USD)
Logitech®Wireless Combo MK520A sleek set for comfortable control•With a roomy full-size keyboard, contoured laser mouse, and a single wireless receiver that
Availability : Out of Stock
EMC1034 - Workstation, Pivot LCD Arm

Code: 000464
Price 21,500.00 THB (Ref. 716.67 USD)
Wall Mount Workstation, Pivot Arm
LCD TV Wall Arm (A875)

Code: 000371
Regular Price: 5,700.00 THB
(Ref. 190.00 USD)

Special Price: 3,590.00 THB
(Ref. 119.67 USD)
LCD TV Wall Arm (A875)Features:• Easy installation and strong combination both• Adjustable screw position for TV backside mount• TV backside screw range: 75x75,100
Beyond รุ่น Butterfly-01GMM

Code: 000726
Regular Price: 34,500.00 THB
(Ref. 1,150.00 USD)

Special Price: 22,900.00 THB
(Ref. 763.33 USD)
เก้าอี้เพื่อสุขภาพ Beyond รุ่น Butterfly-01GMM
AIDATA Tablet/Laptop Riser - NS011BG

Code: 000829
Regular Price: 430.00 THB
(Ref. 14.33 USD)

Special Price: 390.00 THB
(Ref. 13.00 USD)
Tablet/ Laptop Riser elevates your device at 6 different viewing angles up to 40 degrees to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic usage position

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